Photo Evolution

Handcrafted Portraits created by artists - start to finish.


It starts with the camera ...


... developed, retouched, and printed ...


... a custom frame completes the presentation.

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Your Vision

Your wedding details are very important to Cooper Studios.  During multiple consultations and planning meetings prior to the big day, the photographers will provide experience and expert advice that will help your wedding vision come to life.

All Cooper Studios Wedding Collections Include:

• Two Professional Photographers experienced in wedding imagery.

• Professional Equipment and backup equipment.

• Lighting equipment for group and individual portraits.

• Wedding experience and direction.

• Fun, Experienced, Focused, and Professional Service.

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We had our family portrait taken at our home by Forrest and Amy Cooper. We experienced the utmost in professionalism and creativity. They work very well together and our portraits are beautiful. Cooper Studios also produced a custom print of our favorite photo. They sized it to compliment the proportions of the design of our home and had it printed on gloss metal, which looks unbelievable. We get so many compliments. Coopers also photographed the interior and exterior of our home for us. The shots are "jaw dropping". Forrest even returned with custom built equipment to get just the right shot of the exterior. We are more than pleased with Cooper Studios and encourage anyone to talk to Amy and Forrest about a family portrait or architectural photography.
Bob Bonnett