Fashion & Model

From a basic model head shot to a full commercial advertising session Cooper Studios is equipped to create the look any client may need.

Precision and Creativity

With a creative eye Cooper Studios utilizes spontaneous and unique lighting and prop usage to achieve imagery that goes above and beyond a clients expectation. With extensive training and professional experience the photographers at Cooper Studios are well versed in many aspects of the creative world including graphic design, ad design, general color theory and artistic composition which aids in the creation of an image that is not only visually appealing but also professionally acceptable for print ads, catalogs, and identity packages.

It's not just about fashion and modeling. . . .

There are many reasons to book at Model session with Cooper Studios, other than a head shot or commercial image the following are just a few reasons clients choose this session:

  • Gift for husband, wife, family or friends
  • Singles Ads
  • An image conveying ones business or practice


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