About Cooper Studios

Cooper Studios is housed in a 3000 square foot building located in beautiful historic Shelton, WA. With a professional atmosphere and state of the art equipment, Cooper Studios goes above and beyond to provide a service unsurpassed in quality and customer satisfaction. The building contains 2 main photo studios, a design & sales studio, comfortable waiting area & gallery, welcoming reception space, full size dressing room, and a full scale production room; all with ADA accessibility. The building layout has been designed to shoot in nearly the entire space! In addition, studio B is capable of accommodating larger props such as motorcycles, small vehicles, and the occasional animal.

Digital Proofs

Images captured during a shoot will be prepared for viewing during your order session. Images are projected onto a screen with software that helps you choose image, layout, frame, mat, and actual print size. This is all available in our dedicated private viewing room capable of seating several people comfortably.

Our Photographers

Amy & Forrest Cooper are a husband & wife creative team whom own and operate Cooper Studios. Their focus on perfection and quality mixed with extensive training and professional experience, make for a service unique in the Photography industry. Both Amy & Forrest have BFA degrees in Visual Communications; with Amy having a major in Graphic Design and Forrest a major in Fine Art. Amy has years of experience in professional portrait & event photography as well as fine art expositions consisting of works focused on photo combined with alternative processes. She has held many workshops on the "Photo-Transfer" process and has had work published in several catalogs and books. Forrest also has years of experience in fine art expositions containing photographic works as well as installation art and sculpture. His past works have used light and environment as a focal point, and it is this passion combined with sculpture that allow him to create unique sets and lighting within the studio photo process. In addition Forrest spends much of his time in the darkroom perfecting the classic art of film & print development.

Between Amy & Forrest Cooper, Cooper Studios offers one of the most unique creative teams in the industry.

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